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dealing with disappointment

Dealing with disappointment

It was my cousin’s birthday and the whole family were going to the zoo. I was nine and we were excited because we were travelling in a huge orange campervan together.

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Short Changed cover photo

Short changed

We heard the ice cream van driving up the road and my Mum took out her purse, YESSSS. The last few times it had visited my Mum had let me go and buy one without her, I felt SO grown up. I waited in line, holding a £5 note in my hand, and then it was my turn to order.

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Don't bend your knee blog post cover

Don’t bend your knee

When I was 13 I remember standing in front of the mirror in my downstairs toilet with a friend. We were trying out the new blue mascara we’d bought (yes, it was a thing!) and she looked at me in the mirror and said ‘You’ve got really veiny eyelids.’ I remember it as clear as day. I suddenly became very conscious of my eyes and, every day since, I’ve covered them with concealer believing that they must look horrible and abnormal without it.

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Thank you for listening blog post cover

Thank you for listening

I recently asked a friend if I could speak to her about something that was worrying me, so we booked an evening for me to pop round and have a chat with her.

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unique and valuable

Unique and valuable

I was talking to my 15 year old daughter last night about going back to school after a 6 month absence due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Opening up and finding freedom

I vividly remember where I was when I said it. It was 2009 and I was walking with my best friend through a park in Stoke-on-Trent. My heart was racing, I couldn’t get my words out. ‘Shall we sit down on this bench for a bit?’ I said.

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Parasol and blue sky in the summer

I don’t like summer

I don’t like summer. For some of you reading that, you’ll be thinking ‘Whaaaat?’ and I get that. That’s why I’ve never said it out loud, and I’ve never shared it with friends for fear they might think I’m weird.

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Exercising the muscle of self-control

I just ate a whole Terry's Chocolate Orange. I tried not to eat the whole thing but, as I took a segment away another one fell down in its place, and it just lay there ready to be consumed. My goodness I love that chocolate. In fact, I love all chocolate, and find it very hard to limit the amount I eat in one sitting. In my head I’ll think ‘just four squares’ and, half an hour later, I’ll find myself putting the wrapper in the bin because the WHOLE bar has been eaten, and we’re talking about a big bar.

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The stormy sea becoming still

Something happened a year ago that was very difficult and upsetting. I won’t go into details but I’ve had lots of flashbacks and shed lots of tears. I would think about it for hours, every day, multiple times. I’d think about where I was standing, what I could hear and the conversations I had. My heart used to race when I remembered.

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