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koko is an online place for teenage girls and a great resource for youth leaders. View films, blogs, insights and support about living life to the full – enabling girls to ‘keep on keeping on’ in a hope-filled way.

yet what I can blog cover

Yet what I can, I give Him

I was asked to meet with a well-known person in London to make a film for them. The PA told me in the email that the place we were meeting at had a strict dress code of business wear or formal day wear.

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share hygge blog post cover

Share Hygge

Have you heard of that term ‘Hygge’? Pronounced Hoo-ga, it’s defined as a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.

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Run for your life blog cover

Run for your life

How’s 2020 going for you? Whether good or bad, one thing I’m pretty sure of is that it’s probably not turning out exactly how you planned. I don’t know if you ever feel how I sometimes do – that it’s all a bit much and it’s hard to keep going. 

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Is it time to switch off your phone?

Is it time to switch off your phone?

I don’t know about you but my phone is always in my hand. Or in my pocket. Or on my bedside table right next to where I’m sleeping. I don’t think it’s ever more than a few metres away from me at any given time.

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Discovering potential blog cover

Discovering potential

During lockdown we decided to plant some corn on the cob because we love the stuff. Now this wasn’t any old corn, this was rainbow corn. With the hot summer we had it grew really quickly and ended up being so tall that you couldn’t even see over it.

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Kind or careless blog cover

Have a good day

Imagine you’re in a shop, the shopkeeper’s taken your payment and you’re picking up your stuff to leave. What are the words that you usually say?

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worthy of life blog cover

Worthy of life

Neil called me to say he had to cancel our date that night, so I said ‘OK, shall we get together tomorrow?’ But he was acting strange and said he couldn’t, so I asked him when we could reschedule. He responded with ‘Emma, I don’t want to see you again.’ I just didn’t get it. Everything was OK, wasn’t it? So, I asked that fatal question… ‘Why don’t you want to go out with me?’ His response hit me hard… ‘FAT women don’t do anything for me.’

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Stop fighting blog cover

Stop fighting

When I was younger my friends all used to write to one another. Every time we saw each other throughout the week at Girls’ Brigade, youth club or church we’d exchange letters, sometimes pages long, sometimes a quick little note.

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dealing with disappointment

Dealing with disappointment

It was my cousin’s birthday and the whole family were going to the zoo. I was nine and we were excited because we were travelling in a huge orange campervan together.

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Short Changed cover photo

Short changed

We heard the ice cream van driving up the road and my Mum took out her purse, YESSSS. The last few times it had visited my Mum had let me go and buy one without her, I felt SO grown up. I waited in line, holding a £5 note in my hand, and then it was my turn to order.

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