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What are you learning?


I vividly remember not being able to spell the word ‘family’. I was little (I’ve no idea how old) but I remember sitting in our dining room writing an anniversary card to my mum and dad.

I remember writing things like faamerly, farmerly, famerily, and I’d crossed out the word so many times. I remember feeling so frustrated.

Years later when I was learning to drive it was a similar story. I remember coming back from a driving lesson and saying to my mum ‘I’m never going to be able to do it! The clutch, the mirrors, changing gear, indicating, it’s too hard!’ And my mum said to me ‘Meg, there will come a day when driving a car will come as naturally to you as breathing.’ I thought that was a ridiculous comment, because no way was this ever going to come easy. Only, it did. I don’t give a second thought to using my clutch and changing gear now.

Now whenever I write or type the word ‘family’ it makes me smile, and reminds me how I’ve grown, and I’ll keep on growing.

The minister at my church on Sunday said ‘What sort of person do you want to be this time next year?’ and I thought, more patient. I really want to be a more patient person, because the drama queen in me gets wound up so easily, but this takes practice, and it doesn’t come easily.

Is there something at the moment that you’re finding difficult? Something that you’d like to do but you just can’t manage it yet? Perhaps you’ve set a new year’s resolution to start something, or stop something. If you want to achieve a goal you’re going to need to focus your attention. This is all about giving time to study, practice and learning to learn. Are there things you need to do less of? Or more of? Get yourself into a good rhythm and use your time wisely. I think we can learn so much from one another, especially the people who’ve gone before us. I remember sitting with my mum on the sofa with our feet out and she was helping me to practice the movement my feet should make when I’m changing gear. If there’s something you want to achieve, seek the people you can learn from. Ask questions, listen and soak up their advice.

So what’s that thing that you’d like to accomplish? Now is the time to put the effort and practice in, you never know, perhaps one day it’ll come as easy to you as breathing.


Photo by Alexander Drummer

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