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koko is an online place for teenage girls and a great resource for youth leaders. View films, blogs, insights and support about living life to the full – enabling girls to ‘keep on keeping on’ in a hope-filled way.

A door

Who’s knocking on your door?

I used to sing a song at my Girls’ Brigade group that went like this: ‘I stand at the door and knock I stand at the door and knock If anyone hears my voice and opens up the door, I will come in. I’ll eat with him and him with me, Revelation chapter 3, Jesus’ word’s in verse 20.’

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Sweeping brush head propped against a wall

Do you need to sweep up?

Three days ago someone upset me, they said something that really hurt. And three days later it’s still on my mind; every time I think of this person I feel cross, frustrated and let down.

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a dimly lit room with a vintage microphone

As good as me

They say everyone is good at something and I truly believe this to be true. Whether you dance, sing, run, kick, draw, write or have unique expertise in a random topic, you have a gift! Some people are gifted in understanding others, some people are gifted in helping others, some people are gifted in teaching others – we’re all different but all good at something. 

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brightly coloured clothes on hangers on a clothes rack

Fast fashion

I love clothes. For me, clothes have always been such an important way for me to express myself. I show I'm happy by wearing my fluffy pink cardigan; I show I mean business by wearing my black swishy skirt which rustles when I walk; I dress up for dancing in my patchwork dress that spins out when I twirl! Clothes help me show how I feel and put me in the mindset for whatever task I have in hand. But I do have a confession: I'm NOT a shopaholic. 

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Close up image of burnt toast

Burnt toast

I burnt my toast this morning. I left the dial too high. It reminded me that we will get things wrong. That’s a fact of life. Learning from our mistakes means that we’re growing in maturity.

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A woman's hands holding a small book/Bible

Winning the fight against worry

Have you ever had a moment like that? When all of a sudden you’re thinking about the worst thing that could happen in life, and could you even cope? Instead of looking for the feeling of worry, or the thoughts that trigger it, instead of going with them, fight them.

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Text reading 'first world problems'

First-world problems

I’m not saying we’re not allowed to be grumpy, angry or sad and sometimes – rightly so! But when you feel that way, just take a moment to think about what isn’t going wrong in your life and be grateful for that.

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A young woman walking along a wall at the beach. The foreground text reads '5 ways to help your self-esteem soar'

Help your self-esteem to soar

Self-esteem is something that goes up and down all throughout our lives, depending on what we are facing at any given time. Here are 5 ways to help your self-esteem soar.

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Close up of cracked marble

Beautifully broken

I’ve learnt to live with and accept that we all have broken parts and, as a Christian, I believe that God is the gold or silver lacquer that sticks me back together. He can use my flaws and my brokenness to make a difference in the lives of those around me. He knows the best and worst about me and loves me the same.

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