two n:vestigate girls pulling funny faces at camera

n:vestigate – 4-8 year olds

n:vestigate is Girls’ Brigade’s programme for 4 to 8-year-olds and it focuses on helping children to ‘join the journey’ that is following Jesus.

GBEW n:vestigate logoWhat is n:vestigate?

The 4 to 8s age group in GB is known as n:vestigate.

n:vestigate is a structured weekly group meeting offering a range of fun activities for children between 4-8 years to explore and develop their understanding of themselves, the world around them and the Christian faith.

Children of this age are inquisitive, energetic and enjoy creative activities but they have very short concentration spans and are still developing their motor and academic skills. They like routine, familiar faces and repetition.

Why join?

This is our youngest group and a great introduction to Girls’ Brigade. Our activities are specifically designed to allow the children to build confidence through familiarity and routine.


Children can earn badges by completing individual topics. We have over 30 themed topics within this programme that explore their characteristics, their world and the Christian faith. Badges include Our Family, Our Health, and Helping Others.

How the programme works…

two n:vestigate girls pulling funny faces at camera

Explore it!

Each week, our leaders introduce the topic by reading a story specially written for this resource. The stories include fun characters – Gabby, Barney and Fudge the floppy dog.

n:vestigate girls wearing horse riding helmets

Dig deep!

The children have the opportunity each week to explore something from the Bible and use objects, prayer activities and songs to engage with the Christian faith.

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Zoom in!

The group has time to discuss what they know and want to learn – a great opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and seek answers.

n:vestigate girl painting on hand

Get mucky!

Take part in fun, creative arts and crafts to explore the world around you. The children get to glue, fold, cut, stick and ‘get mucky’ in the process.

three n:vestigate girls sat together on an outdoor inflatable

Jump up!

Jump up and get physical! Each week our leaders arrange a physical game for the group to enjoy. This could include dancing, skipping or copy-cat games. Physical activities are a great opportunity to burn off energy and play together.

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Join us

Use our Find a Group page to locate your closest GB community group and enquire. Alternatively, contact us via email at [email protected] or call 01246 582322.

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Support us

Girls’ Brigade exists thanks to the support of its members past and present. Each year around 54% of our budget comes from subscription fees, which we try to keep as low as possible so that we remain accessible to all. However, we rely on the generosity of others in order to fund the remaining 46% of our costs. If you’re in a position to support our work financially and would like to give a one-off or regular donation, it's greatly appreciated.