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We have around 450 GB community groups in England and Wales, around 9,000 girls and young women (primarily) and more than 2,000 volunteer leaders. Search our map to find a Girls' Brigade group near you, then fill out our online form below to join.

You can find a group near you using the map.

Browse: If you know the area you’re looking for, feel free to browse the embedded map.

Search: To find a group near you, open up the full-size map by clicking the ‘full-screen’ icon in the top right of the map. Once the map opens, search for a postcode, placename or specific GB group using the ‘search’ icon in the top left orange bar. 

Details: You can find details of each group by clicking on the GB pins in the map.

Enquire: If you’d like to enquire about joining a particular group or district, fill in your details using the form at the bottom of this page.