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Burnt toast


I burnt my toast this morning. I left the dial too high. It reminded me that we will get things wrong. That’s a fact of life. Learning from our mistakes means that we’re growing in maturity.

I burnt my toast this morning. It came out black, and I realised I had the dial-up too high. ‘Oh well’, I said out loud, ‘You live and you learn.’

I ate the toast… it was gross, like eating charcoal.

But those words ‘You live and you learn’ have been playing on my mind. Usually, when I make mistake I’m incredibly hard on myself, I’ve branded myself a failure on many an occasion. I regularly have this internal voice telling myself ‘You’re not good enough.’ Have you ever felt like that?

I was happy to apply the statement ‘You live and you learn’ to my toast, to something small and pretty insignificant, but what if I could learn to apply it to the bigger things? What if we could learn that our mistakes do not define us, that they don’t have to derail our days and send us to a negative place where we internally put ourselves down?

We. Will. Get. It. Wrong. That’s a fact of life. Learning from our mistakes means that we’re growing in maturity.

Good days or bad, whether I’ve done really well or whether I’ve royally screwed something up… my worth, my brilliance, my talent remain the same. I’m learning and living and trying my best. Is there something specific you keep getting wrong? The way you speak to people? The way you treat your family? The things you look at online? The time and attention you give your work? Deep down we all know the areas that we can improve on.

Remember, we are all learning as we live. Each day is a new day, with new opportunities to make better choices and be the best that we can be.

I burnt my toast again after writing this. It seems I’m learning rather slowly about toaster settings.

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