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Learn more about how we are governed and meet our trustees.

Girls’ Brigade Ministries is the operating name of Girls’ Brigade England & Wales.

Girls’ Brigade Ministries is led by our Trustee Board who set the strategic direction of the charity, oversee the finances, and make decisions about all our initiatives. You can meet our trustees below.

The Network Executive of Girls’ Brigade England & Wales represent our community groups and the group is consulted on matters which would impact these. This group is made up of representatives from across England & Wales regions to ensure it reflects the voices of our members. The Network Executive feeds back to the GB England & Wales’ Council who meet 3 times a year at our conferences.

Our constitution

This is GB Ministries’ governing document setting out the rules for how the charity must be governed. For example, it states how many trustees we must have and how many meetings of the Council must take place a year.

The constitution was updated in 2017 to reflect Girls’ Brigade Ministries becoming the operating name of Girls’ Brigade England & Wales.

Download the constitution

Download the articles of association

Life to the Full

Life to the Full is GB Ministries’ policy document containing details on topics like safeguarding, dealing with complaints, GDPR, social media, and appointing new leaders.

It’s part of the compulsory training for all GB leaders and helpers and this, together with our mission to be relational, relevant and responsive to the young people with whom we work, provides a framework of good practice for use by all volunteers and staff working in GBM and is intended to ensure the safe nurture of all the children and young people in our care.

Life to the Full was updated and relaunched in April 2018. All new GB leaders need to be trained in Life to the Full. Existing leaders need refresher training every 5 years unless their church denomination specifies this to be sooner.

Download Life to the Full

Read our safeguarding guidance

Read our complaints procedure

Annual report

We submit a report on all our activities and finances to the Charity Commission every year, and the latest one is below. The 2019 annual report won’t be available until the accounts are signed off in June 2020.

Download the latest annual report

Pastoral care principles

Check out our six pastoral care principles as we seek to ensure that every GB community group is a place of belonging for all of God’s people.

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Meet the Trustee Board

Jo Greengrass

Chair: Jo Greengrass

I’ve been in GB since the age of 5 and have many happy memories as well as long-term friendships through GB. I’ve had a number of roles in GB and still am a Leader in 2 groups and a District Team Leader. I feel very privileged to now be the Trustee Board Chair. I’m also very active in my local URC.

I’ve worked in the NHS as a nurse all my working career and, at present, I’m the Associate Director of Nursing in my local Clinical Commissioning Group. I have 2 grown-up children – my son is working in computer animation and my daughter is in the care sector. I’m married and my husband and I enjoy playing sport together and the opera; we’ve also just recently been able to travel more. I also enjoy gardening and cooking.

Claire Boxall

I came to Girls’ Brigade as an adult; having been involved in other youth organisations as a young person I jumped at the chance to continue as a volunteer. I love working as part of a team, and I have a passion to see young people reach their potential.

I work in strategic programme management and strategic communications. I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and I’ve primarily worked in the not-for-profit sector in London and the south east, but also in India for a year volunteering with VSO. I’m active in my local Methodist church, I enjoy travelling, reading, and baking.

Carol de-Beger trustee of GBM

Carol de-Beger

Girls’ Brigade has been an important part of life for me since the age of 6, when I became a member of 4th Hamilton in New Zealand.  I came to the UK for a gap year after leaving school and as I travelled I enjoyed visiting GB groups in England, Ireland and Scotland.  I met my husband during this time and after we married we moved to Bristol where I became an adult GB leader.  Over the years I’ve been a group team leader, district chaplain, district team leader and am currently part of a district leadership team. I am a local church leader, working with families within the church and community. My involvement with Girls’ Brigade has been instrumental in preparing me for the work I do.

I enjoy spending time with family (I have 3 sons and a daughter-in-law), travelling to see family and friends, reading and  walking.

Chioma Fanawopo

Chioma Fanawopo

I’m a mother of 2 boys aged 16 and 9. I’m an award-winning and Forbes-featured youth practitioner with more than 10 years’ experience of supporting young people and their families. In addition, I’m an informal educator and well-being practitioner with an emphasis on promoting positive mental health for the whole family. I’m also a speaker, coach, a former school governor, and I currently head up the youth and young adults department of a Christian, international, development charity. I’m a mentor to young adults and attend a local community church.

Hayley Flint

I live in Lincoln and became a member of Girls’ Brigade in 2003. Girls’ Brigade has given me many opportunities which I’m very thankful for. I currently represent Girls’ Brigade on the 16 – 25’s Youth Panel of the Youth United Foundation. During my first year on the panel we completed a research project on loneliness and mental health. I was given the opportunity to assist in leading the Esther Generation Weekend in 2019 which was extremely rewarding. I feel called to give back to Girls’ Brigade.

I have a passion for working with young people. They are our future. I’ve volunteered with my local mountain activity team, a sub-group of Scouts. Along with this I have volunteered with a Boys’ Brigade-led camp. Seeing young people question, grow, and flourish in their journey with God fills me with hope for the future.

I currently work for an insurance group within the legal and claims team. I enjoy spending time with my family, cycling, sewing, knitting, and completing obstacle course races.

Sarah hall

Sarah Hall

I live in Thanet and work in a unitary authority across social care and education. I’m currently District Team Leader for the Isle of Thanet GB and regularly work with the GB and BB groups that meet at the local Baptist church, when I’m not stuck on the M2!

I’ve been in Girls’ Brigade since the age of 5 and have been involved with several groups over the years – sometimes due to temporary leadership shortages, or, on other occasions, working alongside other leaders to consider different approaches or strengthening the links between the GB group and their church.

The influence of the Girls’ Brigade is far reaching and makes a huge impact on the lives of the children, young people and families we have the privilege to work with. I’m proud to be part of this team and pleased that I’m now in a position to be able to give back in the role of trustee at a national level alongside local participation.

In my spare time – well maybe an hour or so sporadically over a weekend – I try to maintain an allotment. It’s full of raspberry canes that have learnt to fend for themselves. The jam I make from them is often used in our fundraising events for local charities as there is usually a very good crop – it’s a ‘win-win’ – I get the fresh air and we also raise funds.

Elizabeth Insley

Elizabeth Insley

I live in Macclesfield and have worked as an NHS Accountant for over 25 years.

My daughter has been in GB since she was 4 and it has helped her grow and flourish so much. It’s a privilege to serve the board and give back.

My family and I are members of the Lay Community of St Benedict, trying to apply St. Benedict’s spirituality of balance between prayer, work and community to chaotic family life.
In the community, I’m part of the music team and co-ordinate our youth programme. I’m part of the music ministry in my own church and at my husband’s.

I’m also a Scout leader and have worked with ages from 6 to 25. Currently, I’m an Assistant Group Scout Leader in a group of 150 young people and 27 adults. A large part of my role is managing other leaders. We’ve recently begun outreach into less affluent areas of our town opening new sections.

I also act as a mentor on a police partnership scheme working with schools to support troubled teenagers, which is a different kind of youth service and immensely rewarding.

sue parkin cropped

Sue Parkin

I’ve been aware of Girls’ Brigade since I was child, although I belonged to another uniformed organisation. Shortly after joining my current church, and having helped with our children’s club, I was approached to see if I’d like to help with our Girls’ Brigade group. I’ve never looked back and have followed this with taking on extra roles such as Deputy District Team Leader and now District Team Leader. I’m also Regional Secretary and chair for the Network Executive committee.

I’m married with two grown up sons. When my oldest was a lot younger a new Scout group was started locally, and parents were asked to volunteer. So I became a Cub leader for a short time. I’m active in my church and most recently took on Designated Safeguarding Lead.

I work at a London University as a member of Professional Services staff and divide my time with my other role of Branch Secretary, steward and safety rep of one of the university support staff unions.

When I can find time I enjoy reading, travelling, and watching wildlife.

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