Life to the Full

Policies and guidance

Life to the Full is GB Ministries’ policy document containing details on topics like safeguarding, dealing with complaints, GDPR, social media, and appointing new leaders.

It’s part of the compulsory training for all GB leaders and helpers and this, together with our mission to be relational, relevant and responsive to the young people with whom we work, provides a framework of good practice for use by all volunteers and staff working in GBM and is intended to ensure the safe nurture of all the children and young people in our care.

Life to the Full was updated and relaunched in March 2023. All new GB leaders need to be trained in Life to the Full, unless they’ve undertaken child protection training from their church. Existing leaders need refresher training every 5 years unless their church denomination specifies this to be sooner.

Trainers – please register any training using the Training Course Registration Form – downloadable here and request any training slides and notes via email.

Life to the Full and any related documents can be downloaded below.

Life to the Full 2023

Reporting concerns about a child/person’s safety/welfare or they disclose abuse

Character reference request

Responding to complaints

GDPR sample wording

Leader’s and member’s children or children in their care attending GB Local Group sessions and activities

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