Woman at the Well retreat


Following GB’s summer conference on Saturday, 14 leaders stayed on for a weekend retreat.

It was an opportunity to get together and support one another, spend time with God, and be refreshed, focusing on the Bible story of the Woman at the Well in John Chapter 4.

Activities included Bible study, discussions, worship, a prayer walk, pebble painting and more.

GB’s Director Jules Murdy says ‘We spent time looking at how we’d share our story of encountering Jesus and how to best share this with others. It was a relaxing time for all who attended.’


All the leaders who attended said the weekend had helped them to be refreshed and renewed on their walk with God, that the weekend helped them to share their story of God, and that the weekend had given them space to meet with God.

Maureen Cresser, from 61st Birmingham, says ‘It was a great weekend, reaching out to God and sharing time with friends in the GB family.’

Pauline Hardisty, from 1st Weymouth, says ‘I was looking forward to chilling out with God and fellow leaders and was not disappointed.’

And Barbara Rainbow, from 1st Charlton Kings, adds ‘It was so valuable to have a safe space to spend time away and to be still and know that He is God, and be refreshed by Him.’




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