Waiting in expectation – retreat session


GB leaders who attended an online retreat wrote their own Psalm and took part in a Psalms & Stretches gentle exercise session.

psalms and stretches imageAround 30 leaders attended the retreat, held after GB’s Council meeting on Saturday 3 July. The morning meeting, attended by around 90, shared some of GB’s latest news including the launch of a set of resources to help groups grow, a finance overview, and updates on GB’s new database and COVID-19 guidance.

One leader says ‘Another excellent Zoom meeting and Zoom retreat. Psalms & Stretches was very refreshing.’

The afternoon retreat, called Waiting in Expectation, focused on Psalm 5:1-3 and included a reflection, worship led by Luke Hamlyn, prayer walk, Psalm writing, and a Psalms & Stretches gentle exercise session led by Helen Fletcher.

Some of the Psalms written by those who attended included:

  • ‘The wind of your spirit leads me to unknown places and people.’
  • ‘Lord in my silences you are there, in my busyness you are there too.’
  • ‘Use these troubled times to sit and lament. Do not be discouraged with the challenges you face. These are to test your strength and your belief in me. I am there to hold your hand if you ask.’
  • ‘Your timing O God is perfect, Your timing is perfect right down to the minute. Your timing is the knock at the door, Your timing is the cuppa quickly poured. Your timing is a chair in the sun. Your timing brings refreshment to everyone. I may not understand. But I know I am in your hand.’

Assistant Director Catherine Burt says ‘It was a very relaxing afternoon and a great way for all who attended to spend some time with God.’

Anyone wanting to find out more about Psalms & Stretches can visit their Psalms & Stretches website or Facebook page

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