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The Esther Collective (TEC) podcast is a community of 18-30s women exploring the issues young women face with honesty, hope and a sense of humour

Podcast coverFacilitated by Girls’ Brigade Ministries, the podcast will launch on 15 February 2021 with a new episode fortnightly on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms.

Honest and hope-filled discussions

The Esther Collective Podcast is divided into separate mini-series of four episodes (under 30 mins in duration). The first series is focussed on issues around body image and acceptance; a relevant topic since recent magazine articles in Glamour and Vogue reveal that body anxiety has increased because of the increase of video calling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While recognising this reality, we hope to provide a more hope-filled narrative around topics like healthy eating, self-esteem, comparison and self-acceptance from a Christian faith-based perspective. The second mini-series will explore whole-hearted living and topics like identity, values, belonging and vulnerability.

Meet the podcast team

Our initial podcast team members are 18-30s Christian women of faith from different backgrounds. Hannah (26) is a mum and drama teacher from Derbyshire, Jessie (24) is a mental health nurse from York and Charlotte (29) from Sheffield is training to be a Baptist minister.

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Instagram: @esthercollectivepodcast

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