Speaking out on sexual harassment


Sisters Jordan Green, 21, and Summer Green, 19, from 1st Hawkwell group in Essex recently attended our Esther Generation Weekend where they were encouraged to speak out on the topic of sexual harassment on social media. Jordan and Summer, both students, have been attending Girls’ Brigade since they were four. 

Two GB n:spire members smiling with arms around each other Can you tell us a little about your project on sexual harassment on social media? Why is this topic important? Why is it important GB equips young women to consider this topic?

Jordan: Summer and I decided to do this project on social media specifically as I’ve had experiences of sexual harassment online and, in a world where younger people have more access to phones and technology connecting them to other people, younger girls more than ever before are unfortunately likely to be subject to this kind of harassment. It was important for us to get this across and how we as Girls’ Brigade can raise awareness for girls of all ages on this topic. It’s an important topic and girls shouldn’t have to feel discomfort online that any sexual harassment may bring. By raising awareness, a safe space to share about it and empowering women, we can make this something easier for women to be resilient to, though it shouldn’t have to be this way.

Summer: I think it’s important because young girls are getting phones at a much younger age and experiencing these sorts of things. It’s important that Girls’ Brigade lets them know that this type of harassment shouldn’t be brushed off and so it’s crucial that we educate everyone on the dangerous effects that it can have.


Since studying this topic at the Weekend, have you been encouraged to speak out on any other topics?

Summer: I’m a big motorsport fan, so I’m always advocating the positive representation of women in sports like Formula One whether that’s through engineering or journalism which I have been doing on my own website’s Instagram (@otslmotorsport). I hope to continue doing this further as I’ve only just started out. Girls’ Brigade has shown me that I can be more outspoken with the views I have with what I’m able to consume in my everyday life whether this is through personal experiences or social media.


How has being in Girls’ Brigade impacted your career choices?

Jordan: Being a leader at Girls’ Brigade has made me feel more confident as someone who can lead and organise people. I want to work in the events sector and, not only has the weekly leading boosted my confidence, but I’ve had the chance to run events through Girls’ Brigade and my Queen’s Award which have made me certain this career is what I want to pursue.

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