National award for Paisley


A Girls’ Brigade member from 1st Weymouth group has been presented with a national award – The Endurance Award – after undergoing open-heart surgery 3 times.

Paisley with Catherine BurtPaisley, aged 6, was born with a serious heart condition, called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, and Turner Syndrome. She has had 3 major heart operations, with the latest one being earlier this year.

The Endurance Award is for Girls’ Brigade members who have had prolonged periods of illness, where they may be in and out of hospitals, and have to undergo repeated surgery – making Paisley an ideal recipient.

She was given the award at the group’s annual awards night on Monday 4 July by GB’s Assistant Director Catherine Burt, who says ‘All the supporting statements we received for Paisley’s nomination for this award said how happy she is despite all that’s she goes through. It was a privilege to present her special award and to meet her friends at 1st Weymouth who love and support her.’

Paisley with leaders and Catherine Burt

1st Weymouth GB group’s Team Leader Pauline Hardisty says ‘As only half Paisley’s heart works properly, she can get out of breath or go blue with too much exercise, but she gives everything 120% commitment and desperately tries to do everything the other GB members can do. Paisley is the most upbeat little girl – always happy – so it’s wonderful she’s been recognised with a special award.’

Paisley’s proud parents Mark and Lisa add ‘Despite all she’s been through, Paisley always has a smile on her face. She loves going to school, swimming, trampolining, and absolutely loves Girls’ Brigade. She is very head strong with a bubbly personality and just gets on with things.’

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