Leadership skills learnt at GB helped me run a pharmacy


Team Leader Lucie Kemp, 30, from our 1st Bedworth community group is a pharmacist. She is also the Deputy District Team Leader for the Heart of England, a member of the National Training Team, and a member of the Network Executive committee.

Full length portrait photo of Lucie KempHere she shares some of her story…

I joined my Girls’ Brigade group in Bedworth about 20 years ago and had been a member of another local group before that, joining when I was 5. Plus, when I was at university, I attended 26th Liverpool.

I think Girls’ Brigade influenced my career choice because being a member gives you the opportunity to help people and I enjoyed doing that – as well as science and chemistry. So, becoming a pharmacist brought my two loves together.

Less than 10 months after qualifying as a pharmacist I took on a sink or swim role as manager of an under-performing pharmacy. I got it through the COVID pandemic, inspections, and various business changes before I moved to a new job earlier this year.

Without the leadership skills I learnt in Girls’ Brigade I wouldn’t have had the leadership skills needed to do that management role and turn the branch around. Girls’ Brigade gives you the chance to lead activities, to learn how to delegate and helps you step out of your comfort zone.

As a Team Leader seeing smiles from the girls each week gives you such a boost as you can see they’re enjoying being at Girls’ Brigade and having you around.

Girls’ Brigade is an important part of my diary each week and, in the past, I’ve scheduled work around it. You can make a difference in the lives of the girls you work with, but I also enjoy it personally.

It’s also had a big impact on my faith. I’ve been to several churches over the years, but Girls’ Brigade has been a constant for me – I even got baptised in my uniform because it means so much to me.

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