It was a privilege to represent GB at the UN


Team Leader Hannah Morpeth was part of a team from GB International who attended the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women last month.

The event, between 11 and 22 March in New York, is one of the world’s largest global gatherings specifically focussing on gender equality. Hannah, Team Leader at 1st Windy Nook, was one of 10 Girls’ Brigade members from around the world attending the event as the Girls’ Brigade Delegation of Hope.

Hannah says ‘I had the privilege of representing GB at the Commission on the Status of Women event. I got to go to so many brilliant sessions and meet some incredible women doing great work for and with women and girls around the world.

‘It can be easy to wonder what difference the small amount of work you do in your community makes in a world which can feel so unjust, but seeing people all doing their little bit to make the world a little bit better was really inspiring.’

During the week, the team attended different sessions at the United Nations (UN) building, meeting their own country’s UN permanent representatives to advocate on gender justice issues as well as speaking at different events organised by other faith-based organisations.

With the aim of amplifying the voices of younger women of faith, the Delegation of Hope also led its own event featuring two panel discussions. They discussed attitudes, values and beliefs that need to be challenged in culture in order for women and men to truly flourish as God intended. Their example demonstrated the powerful impact of faith-based organisations at grassroot levels as well as the strength of GB as an international, interdenominational and intergenerational movement.

Their event also featured a spoken word piece, written by Hannah, called Women Who Hope. Using the stories of GB members across the world, the piece shared the challenges and opportunities that GB girls encounter across the world. You can watch it below.

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