Introducing Girls’ Brigade Manager – our new database


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on GB’s new database – Girls’ Brigade Manager (GBM). We’re already using it at GB’s Support Centre and are now putting the final touches on it so GB leaders, groups, districts and regions can use it too! 

Girls' Brigade Manager logoGBM has lots of benefits for leaders, including:

  • It streamlines your administration – managing everything in one place helps to keep record-keeping quick and easy
  • All leaders can access the system (to different extents based on their role) whether they’re in a group, a district, or a region
  • Recording young people’s data – so you can manage their personal details including contact details for parents/carers and medical details; and communicate with parents/carers from GBM with email or text messaging
  • Managing leaders’ data (with some restrictions)
  • Keeping track of weekly attendance and linking this to your programme/badges
  • Keeping badge records and managing your events/residential events
  • Transferring members when they move up a section or even move to a different group
  • Parents get access to a parent portal where they can sign their child up to events, see badge progress, and update details.
  • Track income and expenditure – recording receipts and payments for events and activities making it easy to make expense claims or analyse costs.
  • The system is used by thousands of leaders in Scouting, Guiding, and Boys’ Brigade
  • It can be accessed online and offline on a computer or via a mobile device
  • The system is safe, secure and data protection act compliant
  • Over the next few years, we’ll be continuing to develop GBM to incorporate more of our processes and enhance the functionality at all levels of GB.


We’ll be launching GBM on 14 June and, once we do, we’ll email you with details of how you can access it and our training documents and videos. Every GB group should be using the GBM platform by the end of September 2021.

We’re also offering a number of free training sessions for group/district team leaders and/or correspondents to attend (in the first instance). The dates of available sessions are:

  • Tuesday 15 June – 7-9pm
  • Friday 18 June – 10-12pm
  • Saturday 19 June – 10-12pm
  • Wednesday 23 June – 2-4pm
  • Thursday 24 June – 7-9pm.

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