Happy 100th Anniversary to 1st Hartlepool


1st Hartlepool celebrated its 100-year anniversary on Sunday 3rd April with a service and get-together in church. Lots of former members attended sharing photos and memories. The girls produced a timeline of the company and a film show of photographs and everyone said it was a wonderful day. 

1st HartlepoolThis lovely piece from their Team Leader tells of 1st Hartlepool’s journey over the last 100 years.

‘1st Hartlepool Girls Life Brigade was formed in 1922 by Dr. Morrison who had formed the Boys Brigade and felt there needed to be somewhere for girls too. With many leaders coming and going and changing venues over the years, the group stood the test of time with a well-attended group. Annual camps at Castle Howard began in 1923.

‘In 1967, a new Girls Brigade evolved nationally, joining the Girls Guildry, Girls Life Brigade, and Girls Brigade Ireland. We had new aims and objectives and change our badge but we were no longer alone!

‘In the 90’s, the group finally found its home at St Hilda’s Church and Borough Hall, where they continue to meet today and with Ana Bates as Captain in 1996, aided by daughter Angi  – both still very much involved in the group today! 

‘We have 23 children on roll, who enjoy attending each week. We are separated into sections, completing Badge work, evolving over the years from explorers, juniors, seniors, and brigaders to n:vestigate, n:gage, n:counta, and n:spire.

‘We held our 100th birthday celebration as part of St Hildas Church Service on 3 April 1030 and take pride in being a group that has touched so many girls’ lives over the years, especially across the Headland.

‘We also commissioned Erin! It was wonderful to see lots of the former members, with a buffet afterward, lots of opportunities to reminisce, look through the archives and see the changes over the years, and of course, meet the current members.

‘One of the girls designed a commemorative badge including everyone’s names! Coasters and t-shirts were given as memories to keep!’

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