GB leader receives highest parish award


As with many GB groups, 2nd Polesworth ended their year with an awards evening. However, this awards evening contained one very special surprise award.

Christine Harris receiving awardOnce girls had been presented with their badges and award from the past year, a surprise presentation was given to team leader Christine and her husband, who were awarded Freeman and Freewoman of the parish of Polesworth – the highest award that the parish council can give!

The award was given to Christine for her hard work, dedication, and commitment to GB and young people over a very impressive 55 years of service! Her husband David also received the award for 55 years of service to Boys’ Brigade.

Their daughter Rebecca, who is also a GB leader in the group, got in touch to tell us about the award and how proud she was! 

Rebecca says, ‘Apparently mum and dad are now free to graze their sheep anywhere in Polesworth without getting into trouble! (They don’t have sheep, but that is one of the benefits of being a Freeman and Freewoman!)

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