Fun and games at 1st Plympton’s sleepover


1st Plympton held a sleepover last weekend at their church and packed so much in fun into their short 22 hours together!

1st Plympton sleepoverThe group learned about the disciple Peter and about second chances (or more) in their walk with Jesus.

Before bedtime, the group watched a film and ate popcorn and then got down to sleep (some more than others, so we’ve heard!)

The next morning, the group enjoyed breakfast together before catching a bus and a train to Plym Bridge Woods where they enjoyed playing lots of games together and tucked into delicious hot dogs.

Team Leader Lynne says, ‘It was so lovely to get together after such a tough couple of years. It was great to see all the leaders and girls being family, supporting and helping each other and showing what a great team we are. We were blessed with fantastic weather and blessed that we live in such a beautiful part of the country.’

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