Floral tribute to Queen Elizabeth II


One of GB’s Vice Presidents, Janice Ogilvie, recently went to London to lay some flowers in memory of Queen Elizabeth on our behalf.

Here’s an account of her day…

‘Early Saturday morning to beat the crowds I took the train to London to go to Green Park to lay some flowers in memory of HM Queen Elizabeth II on behalf of Girls’ Brigade England & Wales.

‘Arriving in London early meant there wasn’t many people around Buckingham Palace and it felt rather surreal standing there outside the palace gates, looking up at the balcony, remembering that it was only 3 months ago when I was last standing in nearly the same place with other youth organisations cheering as the Queen stepped out as we celebrated her Platinum Jubilee. I was also privileged to take along some of my own GB group to Trooping of the Colour 2022, memories now that we’ll never forget.

‘The cheering has gone, and it’s been replaced by a sombre atmosphere as you walk around Green Park looking at the flowers and reading the tributes from people from all walks of life and ages showing the impact that the Queen has left on people’s lives. I can’t describe the number of flowers or the different displays but the scent from the flowers was lovely.

‘It was standing outside Buckingham Palace where I last sang the National Anthem – God Save The Queen – knowing now that the next time it will be God Save The King. We pray that as King Charles III starts on his journey that he’ll look to God for guidance just as the Queen did.’

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