Changing lives in 2024 – meet volunteer Grace


Meet Grace Claydon, 27, a Leader at 1st Hawkwell Girls’ Brigade and a member of the GB England & Wales Network Executive.

Why do you volunteer for GB? I volunteer for GB because I love it! I volunteer with the n:vestigate group, which is for girls age 5-7, and they just have so much joy and energy. You can’t help but feel lifted after spending time with them. They have so much curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm and it’s so much fun to run our programme with them. I also volunteer with the n:spire group which is for young people age 14-18. Some of them I’ve known since they were in the n:vestigate group and it’s such a joy to see them grow into the amazing, resilient, kind young adults that they are today.

How long do you think you’ll volunteer for? As long as I can… my Grandma is a GB volunteer too, she’s 78 and still going, so I think I have a few more years in me! I love being part of our leadership team in my GB group. It’s such an amazing team of people who teach me so much, encourage me and are there for me. My Mum has been a GB leader for many years and I want to follow in her footsteps. She’s touched the lives of so many girls and young women and she inspires me so much.

Is it convenient for you to volunteer right now or is it a sacrifice? I think that depends on your idea of what a sacrifice is! Sure, I could spend my Wednesday evenings in front of the TV with a nice home-cooked meal, but it wouldn’t enrich my life in the way that GB does every week.

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