Boycott your Bed at 1st Gawsworth


On Friday 7th October, 1st Gawsworth Girls’ Brigade took part in Boycott your Bed, for Action for Children. The leaders and older girls stayed over at church, while the younger girls were at home, but found an alternative bed for the night.

The group had lots of fun, games and food, raising a fantastic total of £313 for an amazing charity! Here are a few thoughts from some of the girls who took part: 

“We had to find somewhere else to sleep, instead of our usual comfy bed. This could have been anywhere – the bath, the garden or even, if you’re feeling up to it, the floor! I chose to sleep on the sofa as that was the comfiest option we had in our house. We brought a donation to our next Girls’ Brigade gathering and passed them onto Action for Children. They help lots of children who aren’t as lucky as us and it was good to think about how they must feel sometimes.” Sophie

“I slept in my bath. My mum put my pillows and my covers in the bath for me. Me and my mum watched a film while I lay in the bath with my covers and then I had a story. It was a bit uncomfortable but I did manage to get to sleep in the end” Darcy

“I stayed up on the sofa and mummy let me watch lots of movies. I also got to play video games. I fell asleep really late and woke up still on the sofa; daddy didn’t carry me to my own bed. I got lots of money to help children that live in another house” Evie

I took part in Boycott your Bed at Girls’ Brigade for Action for Children. We played lots of games during the night, such as Jungle Speed, Twister, Top Trumps and Uno. They were all very fun, however, Jungle Speed got very competitive but that made it more fun. Some girls stayed until late and left, but six girls, including me decided to stay overnight. The other girls managed to stay up till around 6am but I wanted to go to sleep early so I ended up getting in bed at around 1am. During the evening they supplied us with lots of fizzy drinks, sweets and snacks which made it easier to stay up later and at one point during the night we were given pizza. I really enjoyed it and I definitely would like to do it again but the next time I would try and stay up later! Catherine

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