Birds of prey at 1st Charlton Kings


On 26 February, 1st Charlton Kings GB group had a visit from the Falconry School based in Gloucester.

Falconry School staff member Cain brought several birds to the GB group, including a Little Owl, a Spectacle Owl, a Kestrel and an Eagle Owl.

The girls were thrilled to see the birds and learned so much about them during an interactive evening. When each bird was brought out, Cain gave information regarding its natural habitat, how the bird hunts its prey, information about the bird itself, and its temperament.

The little owl even decided to fly up to sit on one of the high windowsills of the hall, and had to be tempted down with a delicious food snack of a mouse!

One by one as Cain brought out the birds, they flew from girl to girl, landing on the protective glove each one wore. The final bird to appear was a magnificent Eagle Owl, and due to the size of the owl, only the leaders and older girls held it.

Team Leader Barbara says, ‘It was an amazing evening, and was really enjoyed by all, giving a brilliant close-up experience of these wonderful birds of prey.’


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