A right royal surprise


One n:vestigate member from 1st Oswaldtwistle got a lovely surprise when a very special envelope dropped through her letterbox last week!

In February, the leaders at 1st Oswaldtwistle shared details of our national Platinum Jubilee card competition with parents and carers of their girls. Lots of girls from the group took up the challenge and submitted entries.

One n:vestigate member, Darcey, after discussing what sort of things the Queen likes with her mum, decided to write to the Queen for information to help with her design. Darcey didn’t receive a reply to her letter, so never mentioned her letter to her group leaders and decided to go ahead and design an entry anyway.

This was until last weekend, when an envelope with the Royal seal on came through her letterbox! Of course, it was a reply from Queen Elizabeth thanking Darcey for her letter! Darcey was thrilled to have had a response and her and her mum have shared it with the GB group, their church and even the local press!

Below is a photograph of Darcey’s letter before it was sent to the Queen. The letter reads:

Dear Queen Elizabeth II,

My name is Darcey and I am 5 years old. My middle name is after you as I was born in June 2016 when you was 90.

Today I made a card for a competition at Girls’ Brigade for your Platinum Jubilee. Me and my mummy talked about you and I wanted to put pictures on it of things you like. My mum told me you like Corgi dogs and horses. I want to know what other things do you like?

I would also like to say a big congratulations on your Platinum Jubliee. I think you are a kind Queen and I think you always look fancy.

Love from Darcey

Darceys letter to the Queen



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