A five-star review at the bug hotel!


At 1st Loughborough, the young people had a great time making their very own bug hotels during their last term before summer.

bug hotel made by GB memberThe girls were working through their Stewardship badge, looking at what they could do in and around their environment to improve it and learning about recycling. Team Leader Vicky ventured to B&Q one weekend and found quite a few offcuts from pallets in the donations box by the exit and thought they’d make great bug hotels once cut up!

The leaders made sure they were safe to use and took them into GB. The girls loved foraging for sticks, twigs and moss in the church garden to make cosy little homes for bugs and then using some Sharpie pens, decorated them beautifully. The group talked about what kind of bugs might use them and where the best place would be to put them at home.

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