5th Northampton Girls’ Brigade proactive through the pandemic


During the pandemic, 5th Northampton GB community group was meeting face-to-face or via Zoom which accumulated a great deal of material for their archive. They decided to use the materials to create a lasting legacy, and they embarked on a project.

5th northampson n:vestigateThe girls created and took home a personal memento which consisted of photographs and artwork. During their presentation of awards in July, they were given a special certificate to mark their contribution to the life of the group during the pandemic. The girls also left some special messages of encouragement for future members of 5th Northampton should there be another pandemic.

The leaders used much of the material to create an overview of what happened which is now on display at the church.

The Northamptonshire County Records Office were approached and asked if they’d like a copy of all of the material to represent the perspective of a youth group and they were very enthusiastic! It will be placed in a special collection of reflections/material gathered during the pandemic.

Team Leader Catherine Jones says ‘We hope the archive will be of interest to future historians. It will serve as a permanent record of our experiences and, in the event of another pandemic, we hope it will inspire/encourage future generations of girls and leaders in 5th Northampton.’

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