37th Bristol are 70!


On Sunday 9th October 2022 37th Bristol celebrated its 70th birthday.

Although the official date of the group’s anniversary isn’t until 14th December, the group decided to celebrate early given the busyness of the Christmas season! Shopping and school activities get in the way, so the celebrations were brought forward, so they could all enjoy it, in its own glory.

Along with the 70th birthday, 37th Bristol had a young leader, Eloise, fully commissioned into the group as a leader – and what better time to celebrate her commissioning than during a special service for the group.

A whole service dedicated to the group took place where girls from the group paraded in their colours, Team Leader Sharon told stories of how the group began and its journey to today. One leader took part in a chat show quiz host session to find out more about GB and what it means to her and of course, the theme of the service was based on our Motto: Seek, Service and Follow Christ.

The service was followed up by a huge lunch at the back of their church along with a display of old uniforms, timeline photos and memorabilia, along with (in true GB style) a cake!

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