1st Ryton connect with the community


Recently, some of the members from 1st Ryton have connected with the local community in two ways as part of their badgework topics. 

One outing was to the local park, where the girls worked with the local voluntary group ‘Brighten Ryton’ who looks after and maintains the environment. The girls helped the group by preparing some ground and planting wildflower seeds. This linked into the theme of ‘Stewardship’ which the n:gage group explored earlier in the year. You can view a great video of what the group got up to in the park below.

The second outing was to a local residential home, Ryton Towers. As part of the ‘Thankfulness’ badge, the girls make some thank you cards for a number of people, including the residents at Ryton Towers. To deliver the cards, the girls were able to go into the home and spend some time talking to a number of residents.

Team Leader Sam says, ‘The girls did incredibly well talking to the residents and the visit was much appreciated. It is hoped that in the future we can work with the community again to support others and also help advertise Girls’ Brigade.’


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