1st Kexborough celebrate 90 years of GB


In preparation for their 90th-anniversary celebrations, 1st Kexborough decided to use a whole term of meeting to explore the history of GB and the group and how it has developed into the thriving community of girls and women it is now!

Since their return in September, the girls have looked at uniform and badges through the years. They even had a go at making their own hats – complete with braids and enjoyed ‘playing dress-up’ with lots of old uniform! They looked at the Aim, Motto, Law, and Promise of the Girls’ Brigade and had a brief look at GB worldwide, plotting on a map all of the other countries that have GB groups. The girls found out where previous camps have been held with girls from Kexborough and those were plotted on a map too.

They explored the GB crest, broke it down, and looked at the different components and what they mean. They also learned about GB Colours including the Girls Life Brigade and Cadet Colours. 

In planning for their special celebratory service which takes place on 12 December, the group decided that all of the Colours associated with 1st Kexborough will be paraded into the service in recognition of the groups’ journey. The girls have also been learning a special song to sing in the service – The Hymn of Thanksgiving, this is the same song that was sung in York Minster for the Celebration of 90 Years of Girls’ Brigade.

Something really special from the whole experience was that over the weeks, the girls were given multiple paper circles and were asked to draw or write their favourite bits about GB, there were so many that these have been made into the centrepiece of a display board in 1st Kexborough’s sharing all the things the girls have made and learned in the last four months!

Congratulations to 1st Kexborough on this fantastic milestone!

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