1st Hawkwell’s happy birthday


1st Hawkwell GB group recently held a birthday party for everyone in their group – complete with an ice cream van visit!

1st Hawkwell member eating ice creamTeam Leader Sally Claydon says ‘As most of us have missed out on birthday celebrations, in fact some have had two lockdown birthdays, we decided to have a birthday party for everyone! We used our church car park on a sunny evening.

‘We’d collected lots of birthday badges, balloons and banners from the local community. Girls chose badges and so enjoyed an evening of being a different age. I enjoyed being 13 again!’

The group enjoyed craft and party games before a special treat from the ice cream van. The ice cream man very kindly embellished the basic cones the group had paid for with sprinkles, sauce, flakes and marshmallows.

Sally adds ‘There were squeals of delight! We finished the evening by singing Happy Birthday to each other.’

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