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I was talking to my 15 year old daughter last night about going back to school after a 6 month absence due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

As a student going into Year 11 she’s full of all the expected anxieties surrounding GCSEs, teachers, seeing other students, and fitting in. However, due to the extended break, all these concerns are hugely magnified.

When walking through school she can somehow project a confident assured person, even if that’s far removed from the insecure, over-thinking, uncertain and anxious girl she may be inside.

It’s very likely she’s not alone in her thoughts and feelings. At the moment, there are probably many other girls who feel the same way as her, full of their own insecurities and concerns.

It’s easy to go through life looking at others wishing we could have their hair, personality, eyes, body… the list is endless. However, you never know who’s looking at you wanting something of who you are.

Maybe instead of focusing on all those things you feel you’re not, consider those things you are. Try encouraging others to see the best parts of themselves too, to stop them from their own self-inflicted criticism.

Just like my daughter, each of you has qualities that make you beautiful, unique and valuable. You’ll have physical and personal characteristics that are good and deserve to be seen.

Instead of allowing these to be overshadowed by negative thoughts and feelings, as you go into this new term allow amazing, great and ‘you being you’ to shine through, realising that that is enough.


Photo by Molly Belle

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