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The power of change


Each day is a day to learn and adapt to the world around us; to work out where we are on our journeys, to study, to work, to commit our time to what we’re passionate about.

When choosing GCSE options there’s a choice, a chance to change your routine, to create and carve your future. A step closer to independence with university or working life.

Then you have a choice for A-Levels… do you stay on at your school’s sixth form? Do you go to college? Do you look at apprenticeships?

If you choose to complete your A-Levels, there’s then an option to go to university. Which university? Which course? If you decide to study at university, once you’ve completed your degree then what’s next. Work? Completing your Masters and/or your PHD?

What do all these things have in common? They involve making a choice… YOUR choice! You have the choice to decide and shape your future. And with these choices come changes. Changes to your routine, changes to your learning, perhaps even changes to where you live.

I often hear people saying how they enjoy change and want to fight for changes, but there can be resistance to change too.

At the company I work for, we’ve recently been completing system changes which are being rolled out. When approaching these changes, I attend training and write notes so I can have as much knowledge as possible. Naturally questions do then occur and its good to ask them rather than attempting to muddle through.

There are people within some teams who don’t take up these training opportunities. People can also be resistant to these changes even though notice has been given.

Do you resist change? Do you adapt to overcome challenges? Do you remain positive as some people adapt to changes quicker than you might?

The world is ever-changing! Can you imagine living in a world as the Tudors did? Wearing the clothes they did and completely living the same lifestyle? What about living through World War 2? It’s a closer time to where we are today, but there have been so many changes.

Changing, adapting to the world around us, is how we continue to thrive.

Can you introduce an idea to a place where you learn, work or volunteer? Let your voice truly be heard and fight for a trial introduction of your idea or for your idea to be fully run with. Remember to ask for that support for the implementation of your idea. Develop, grow and fly!


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