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Thank you trees


Ok, so it’s no secret amongst the people that know me that I totally love trees. I must bore all my family and friends when we go on walks as I’m always saying ‘Ah look how beautiful that tree is!’ or ‘Look at the shape/colour/height/of that one!’

There’s just something about trees that amazes me and fills me with this sense of wonder. Trees aren’t just beautiful to look at, I think they have something to teach us too.

In the past few weeks, whenever I’ve gone for a walk, I’ve noticed this gorgeous blossom tree. It’s quite short so the blossom is really close and always catches my eye. However, when I passed it today, I noticed that the blossom was beginning to fall to the ground and it made me think about change.

This tree is changing, its blossom is falling and making way for the fruit and growth of new leaves. Later on in the year there will be change again as autumn paints those leaves with an array of colour, making way for the time that the tree will stand bare as it experiences another winter. This tree goes through changes, just like us; we have times in our lives of sadness, of reflection, of fun, of grief, of overwhelming happiness. We go through changing seasons, and we ourselves are changed.

When you think about yourself 5 years ago, what are the changes that you’ve been through? How have you changed? It’s often helpful to reflect on where we’ve been, that’s when we discover that we’re slowly being transformed as we walk through life.

The tree doesn’t fight the change, it moves with the seasons and grows as a result. Change can often be hard to deal with, especially when experiences are painful and our emotions feel too much to bear. But it can be comforting, on those days that are difficult, to remember that it won’t always be this way.

As you move through changes in your life, don’t fight them, don’t try to pretend, be entirely you in this season and in this moment. You’ll move through this, and you’ll have grown as a result.


Photo by Henry&co.

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