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Can we skip to the good part?


So, like many others recently, I’ve been spending an unhealthy amount of time on TikTok. You open the app, watch two videos and boom… an hour has passed by! As a creative mind though, I love TikTok. So many of the videos inspire me, but one in particular got me thinking a bit deeper recently.

There’s a trend on the app that uses a song with the line, ‘Can we skip to the good part?’ People videoing themselves 6 months before and then on their wedding day, or buying tickets and then on their holiday… but when did we decide that those are the good parts?

Now, I know that we all have down days, that sometimes we feel like nothing is going right and skipping to a new day would just be easier. These dark days that seem to surprise us every October just make things a little more gloomy than normal but, actually, even in the coldest, darkest, gloomiest days… there are good parts! What I’m trying to say is, there are good parts of every day. If we wish our lives away, focusing our energy on counting down to our holiday or how many sleeps until Christmas Day, we’ll miss so much.

I’ve been looking back on some photos, and I came across well over 200 photos (oops!) taken during the first lockdown of the pandemic. I know that no one had the best time then, and we all looked forward to better days but, when I look back on those photos, I remember the things I wouldn’t have dreamt of spending my time doing otherwise and remember that they were some great memories! They weren’t momentous occasions or big life events, but they were quality times with family and friends.

My challenge to you now is to make a conscious effort not to focus on the future and the big events coming up, but to relish every moment you get to spend with friends and family, in the places you go all the time, and doing the little things that make up everyday life. Remember that we don’t need to skip to the good part, because we might skip too far ahead and miss the best bits!

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