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We've launched new resources for you to use between September and October half-term – whether that’s face-to-face, at home with a parent/carer, or online e.g. on Zoom.

There is a Being Together resource for 4 to 11s and another for 10 to 18s. We’ve blended the age groups because we’re assuming some of the fixed groups/online work will be made up of children of different ages.

Being Together is based on the fact that 2020 would have been an Olympic year but the sporting event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a loss for the athletes who were mentally and physically ready – a bit like us having to cope with our plans changing for the year. The Olympic theme would have been United by Emotion – we’re exploring this in a child/youth-friendly way linked to the range of emotions we’re feeling this year such as the loss of opportunity/normality and not just bereavement. Although we’ll be tackling these serious topics, we’ll do so in a fun way so the children and young people we work with can laugh and enjoy being with their friends after such a difficult time in lockdown.

All these resources are exclusively for GBEW leaders – as are the accompanying 14 videos they point to.

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