Programme update – Christmas Countdown resources

Programme materials

We've launched new resources for you to use between October and December – whether that’s face-to-face, at home with a parent/carer, or online e.g. on Zoom.

There is a Christmas Countdown resource for 4 to 11s and another for 10 to 18s. We’ve blended the age groups because we’re assuming some of the fixed groups/online work will be made up of children of different ages.

Christmas Countdown will be a look at the themes of advent as we journey together towards Christmas. Considering God coming close to us… and linked to the fact we might not have been physically close to those we love this year but we can be close to them in other ways.

All these resources are exclusively for GBEW leaders – as are the accompanying 10 videos they point to.

Our new resources can be found here.

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